this is my etele fan blog
this is my etele fan blog

This post on lifehacker today led me back to the old "Joel test." Looking at the date on that post, its amazing to think its nearly 15 years old. So I wondered, how does kinja fare?

Do you use source control?

yes, we have almost as many active git repos as developers

Can you make a build in one step?

yes, push a button in jenkins and watch it go

Do you make daily builds?

yes, we almost always do 10+ builds a day

Do you have a bug database?

yes, our support staff use help.gawker.com (desk.com) and our devs use a trello "bug board"

Do you fix bugs before writing new code?

often, but not reliably. we've resorted to a rotating monthly bug-duty system

Do you have an up-to-date schedule?

yes, in 1 - 2 years kinja is scheduled to usurp the facebook newsfeed

Do you have a spec?

yes, "total impressions cannot go down"

Do programmers have quiet working conditions?

no, our devs work in an open plan loft with hardwood floors and dozens of coworkers coming/going/talking.

Do you use the best tools money can buy?

yes, as a profitable and comically underleveraged company we generally buy any hardware, service, or tool the devs will use

Do you have testers?

yes, anyone who reads cink or jalopnik before noon

Do new candidates write code during their interview?

no, sometimes, but most people are friends-of-friends/vouched-former-coworkers

Do you do hallway usability testing?

yes, if you substitute hallway with confrence room and usability with opinion

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