this is my etele fan blog
this is my etele fan blog

<mike> heh, gawker dumping the newsfeed already
<dennis> at this point other that typeing de- and letting autocomplete take me to deadspin, i'm not sure where to find quality content on gawker media sites
<jed> just deadspin
<jed> gizmodo has been useless for years, lifehacker longer. io9 only has morning spoilers and beyond that might as well be kotaku which is also shit
<jed> jalopnik has funny shit now and then but not enough to merit active readership
<jed> needless to say i read all of them regardless just to have something to stare at as i wait for death or 5pm to arrive

I've been thinking about this on and off ever since Jonah Peretti coined "the Bored at Work Network". There's a direct connection between the fake-work of white collar jobs stretched to factory hours and our traffic. A sort of second-hand captive audience.

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